With human safety being one of the primary concerns in the mining industry today, automating processes previously done by humans can help protect the workers. Automation and the use of control systems has become commonplace at mines all around the world. Not only does it make mines safer, but it allows for the production of a higher quality product.


SAPHI provides a complete end-to-end solution. From controlling hydraulics to beaming analytics the cloud, SAPHI can design and implement robust control systems for harsh industrial environments.

This is the core of any industrial automation project. The control system is what moves augers and reads sensors. SAPHI has the expertise to write robust controller code so your systems responds correctly and safely.

So how does an operator interface with the control system? SAPHI builds custom, intuitive interfaces so anybody can use our control systems to accomplish complex tasks quickly and easily via automation. The interface is the bridge between man and machine.

The data collected by the controls systems sensors or the input to the user interface are synced to the cloud. This allows analytics to be reviewed back at the office through custom designed web interfaces. Information can then be communicated back to the operator. SAPHI has the expertise to provide complete end-to-end solutions to get vital information and control from the ground to the cloud.


At SAPHI we strive to deliver custom end to end solutions for mining which can aid in the automating of processes, control systems and data acquisition. With advances in data acquisition air, soil and water samples can be collected, stored and displayed in real time. Advances to automation has allowed for the development of self-driving trucks.

Custom end to end solutions come in all shapes and form but the SAPHI difference is the skillset available to complete any number of projects that require automation, data acquisition, PLC design, industrial controller solutions, wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud solutions. With all these technologies at our disposal a custom application or web interface ties it all together for the end user to intuitively monitor processes which not only protects works and environment but increases overall production.