After a lot of hard work for the engineers and web developers at SAPHI, CYFERLINX finally goes live! Cyferlinx is SAPHI’s flag ship product and it’s ready to start helping coders find their dream jobs!

CYFERLINX makes life easy for each coder by linking all their coding platform accounts together. It automatically pulls their skills and experience into one location to create an online resume that’s always up-to-date.
It provides an easy way for employers, or anyone that needs help writing software, to not only find developers, but categorise and assess them based on their actual skills.

Whilst CYFERLINX host coders from all over the world, SAPHI is currently focused on collecting and cataloguing Newcastles top coders! It’s the place to go if you want a snap shot of the technical talent Newcastle hosts!

CYFERLINX is SAPHI’s flagship product developed in-house by it’s team of engineers and web developers. The vision is to build a community that will work together to revolutionise the way we innovate and advance technology. We want to help coders convert their skills into income by connecting them with employers and help employers find and validate the skills of good coders.

Check out the platform at