Automated Test System Support

Ampcontrol delivers integrated electrical, electronic and control solutions to improve safety and efficiency in mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial applications.

SAPHI engineers designed and built automated test systems for Ampcontrol products as part of their undergraduate studies. This involved complete system development including:

  • Test Jig PCB Design
  • Hardware Specification
  • Test System Control Software
  • Test Sequencing Software for Unit Tests
  • PCB construction
  • Jig wiring and installation
  • Test sytem commissioning and documentation

SAPHI now supports the automated test system on an on-going basis as required by Ampcontrol. This include working with production test engineers to help increase the systems capability and provide basic training on the software development.


Completion date: Current
Location: Cameron Park, NSW, Australia
Partner: Ampcontrol
Website: ampcontrolgroup.com